Certain Stars Shot Madly From Their Spheres

I’ve finally finished watching all three extant seasons of The Expanse (about which I’ve blogged previously), and continue to be enthusiastic.

While many characters and plotlines from the books get frustratingly dropped or condensed in the third season, others (e.g., the role of Drummer) get interestingly expanded; in particular, the villains (or anyway antagonists – not always strictly villains) such as Sadavir Errinwright, Esteban Sorrento-Gillis, Jules-Pierre Mao, and Klaes Ashford tend to be much more interesting and complicated in the tv series than in the books.

Yeah, they’re all on friendly terms in THIS pic.

The fourth season is currently in production. If it follows the fourth book (there’s been a rough, though not exact, correspondence between books and seasons so far), it’ll be a bit of a change of pace – which I hope won’t drive viewers away, because I really want to see an adaptation of the fifth book, which inter alia explores Naomi’s and Amos’s backstories as their respective pasts come back to haunt them.

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