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Financial Saga Update

So the the latest in my financial saga is that my lawyer has gotten the Alabama Tax Mafia to agree to hold off on further action so long as I pay them $650 a month; so I should be free of them (well, except for the usual) by the spring of 2011.

Perhaps worrisomely, I don’t actually have this agreement in writing. But then, even if I did, contracts with Leviathan aren’t especially reliable anyway. So I’ll plow ahead and hope for the best.

Thanks again, so much, to everyone who helped me back when this tempête de merde first broke in July.


Re my financial saga, it’s been two months since my lawyer said he’d have something to tell me within two weeks (re whether the state tax department was going to accept my payment installment proposal). So I’ve just been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Now apparently it’s dropping some time next week; thus I should have some information to relay soon.

Non-Update Update

For those following the saga: my lawyer says I should have some news from him “in a couple of weeks.”

In other news, I had an email meltdown yesterday on my Auburn account and lost thousands of emails. Our IT department is looking into seeing whether they can recover them.

Whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad ….

Minimal Update

I turned in my paperwork to the lawyer yesterday (along with his fee); he’s going to use it to negotiate with the tax cops.

This afternoon in the mail I got a tax lien notice (dated July 20th but postmarked yesterday); I don’t think it represents anything especially new, but I called the lawyer. He asked me to bring it by his office tomorrow morning. I asked “any news otherwise?” He said, “not yet.”

I’ve added a new tag for this topic.

Interim Update

To those following (or, in some cases, literally invested in) my ongoing financial saga: I met with the lawyer today, and he gave me a phonebook-sized (well, Auburn-phonebook-sized, not Manhattan-phonebook-sized) stack of financial info forms to fill out, plus he needs copies of my old tax returns etc., so that’s my homework for tonight.

In other news, I’ve paid my rent for the month – thanks to the generosity of my readers. More developments as they unfold ….

The Saga Continues

So, first my bank tells me there’s a tax levy on my bank account – which I believed, since the Alabama tax dept. has been after me in any case. Then it turns out to be some alleged credit card debt from years ago. Now tonight, on returning home, just as I was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel of my current financial crisis, I find a notice from the good old Alabama Department of Revenue demanding that I pay $9,097.15 within the next ten days or else they threaten to issue a writ to seize “your bank accounts and/or up to 25% of your wages, or issue an execution on real/personal property,” etc. I guess this just isn’t my week.

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