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Middelboe Chronicles, Part 21: The Loch Ness Kelpie

Many miles away
there’s a shadow on the door
of a cottage on the shore
of a dark Scottish lake ….

Continuing the theme of troublesome subterranean Celtic serpents, we pass from Merlin’s dragons to The Loch Ness Kelpie (“Animated Tales of the World,” 2004):

SciFi SongFest, Songs 62-63

62. David Bowie, “Bombers” (1971):

The lyrics of this one seem to prefigure the ending of The Last Jedi

… so it only makes sense to follow it up with a song about Jedi knights:

63. Technical Difficulties (T. J. Burnside, Linda Melnick, and Sheila Willis), “Come All You Knights” (1986):

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