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Discipline and Punish: Caffeinated Edition

This coming Wednesday (the 16th), the Auburn U. Philosophy Club will be hosting a public panel from 6:00-8:30 p.m. at Mama Mocha’s coffeeshop (414 S. Gay St. in Auburn), on the topic of “Punishment, Discipline, and Incarceration.”

I’m one of the speakers. My regular readers can probably anticipate what I will say.

SciFi SongFest, Songs 236-238

You Will Live Under the Sea, this (quite beautiful) book assured me when I was a kid:

A companion volume added that I would also go to the moon, just like Bobby and Betty.

Well, I don’t think any of that’s quite going to work out. But here are three songs about the life submarinous:

236. The Beatles, “Yellow Submarine” (1966):

This song was presumably the inspiration for Hagbard Celine’s golden submarine in the Illuminatus books.

When I was in college, a parody song (not by me!) was in circulation, about students studying in the Cabot Science Library: Calc in A, and Chem in D / in the Cabot Library / We all live in the Cabot Library / Cabot Library, Cabot Library ….

237. The Beatles, “Octopus’s Garden” (1969):

I first heard this song as a kid as part of the soundtrack for an underwater nature film at San Diego’s Reuben H. Fleet Science Theatre:

238. Decemberists, “Mariner’s Revenge Song” (2005):

I’m ethically opposed to revenge, but aesthetically I often find it pleasing:

Plus an animated video:

And another:

And another:

And another:

And another:

And another:

And a partial other:

And a live-action cover version:

(The lead in this last oddly reminds me of Cary Elwes in The Princess Bride. The age gap between the two men looks a bit more than fifteen years, but ….)

(Clarificatory Edit: By “the two men” I don’t mean Cary Elwes and this guy; I mean this guy and his intracetaceous companion.)

Molinari Review I.1 Now Free Online, Molinari Review I.2 Heading to Print

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In celebration of the 17th anniversary of the Molinari Institute, we’re happy to announce:

a) The long-awaited second issue of the Molinari Review will be published later this month. More details soon!

b) In the meantime, the entire first issue is now available for free online on the journal’s archive page. You can download either individual articles or the whole thing. Contents include:

  • “The Right to Privacy Is Tocquevillean, Not Lockean: Why It Matters” by Julio Rodman
  • “Libertarianism and Privilege” by Billy Christmas
  • “Capitalism, Free Enterprise, and Progress: Partners or Adversaries?” by Darian Nayfeld Worden
  • “Turning the Tables: The Pathologies and Unrealized Promise of Libertarianism” by Gus diZerega
  • Review of C. B. Daring, J. Rogue, Deric Shannon, and Abbey Volcano’s Queering Anarchism: Addressing and Undressing Power and Desire by Nathan Goodman


Do We Need Government? No, But You Need This Anthology

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A long-awaited anthology I’m scheduled to appear in (with a couple of pieces on the question “Do We Need Government?”) has now, I hear, been split into two – one volume on metaphysics and epistemology, and the other on ethics, æsthetics, and politics – and in that form (and with a bunch of historical selections deleted) is/are finally slouching toward publication; see the tables of contents here and here. Some old friends are in it/them too, as you’ll see (if you know who my old friends are).

I’m told: “The eText will be coming out in February [2020], with hard copies soon to follow.”

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