Archive | July 7, 2019

À la Recherche du Temps Perdu

I’ve come across some more family documents online: my grandfather’s and uncle’s draft cards (1918 and 1942, respectively); my grandparents’ passport application and subsequent return immigration info, for their honeymoon in France (1923); and the passenger manifest for my mother and her family on their trip to Hawaii (1937). Posted here.

SciFi SongFest, Songs 13-14

13. David Bowie, “1984” (1974):

Bowie wanted to adapt Orwell’s novel as a rock opera, but couldn’t get the rights; so instead he wrote a number of 1984-themed songs that weren’t specific enough to run afoul of the Orwell estate. Here’s one:

Another version:

And another, combined with a different 1984-themed song, “Dodo”:

And continuing the theme of year-specific songs prophesying dystopia:

14. Zager and Evans, “In the Year 2525” (1968):

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