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Middelboe Chronicles, Part 33: Moses

As with yesterday’s The Magic Paintbrush, so with today’s Moses (“Testament: The Bible in Animation,” 1996), a cruel and unreasonable ruler receives a magical comeuppance:

I mentioned last week that Ben Kingsley had played Potiphar. He has also played Moses. In this clip, Moses has dragged the Israelites to a concert by Hotblack Desiato’s Disaster Area but they are not as into it as he is:

SciFi SongFest, Songs 88-89

88. David Bowie, “New Killer Star” (2003):

Bowie’s song for today seems to reference 9/11 –

See the great white scar
over Battery Park ….
all the corners of the buildings
who but we remember these?

– though as usual with Bowie lyrics it seems to be about other things as well, given the multiple possible meanings of “new killer / nuclear” and “star.”

89. Angie Aparo, “Spaceship” (2000):

No particular thematic linkage between today’s two songs, I’m afraid, apart from the use of sci-fi tropes to comment on contemporary society:

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