Middelboe Chronicles, Part 1: Beowulf

My favourite adaptation of Beowulf – beautiful animation, plus narration by Derek Jacobi:

An interesting choice to make Grendel and his mother look so much like Swamp Thing and/or Man-Thing. (Of course the original poem is quite vague as to their appearance.)

This film is from producer Penélope Middelboe, who’s been involved (as producer, writer, and/or editor) with several series of high-quality animated adaptations of classics; Beowulf is my favourite of the episodes I’ve seen, but from a glance at those available online (both those I’ve seen before and those I haven’t), my impression is that while they vary a bit in quality, for the most part they look really good. So I’m thinking I might view and post one of these per day, alongside my SciFi SongFest.

This one counts for July 11th, since I already posted it to Facebook on the 11th.



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