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SciFi SongFest, Songs 248-256

Nine songs about comic-book heroes:

248. Neal Hefti and Nelson Riddle, “Batman” (1966):

During the very brief time that we had a tv during my toddlerhood, I learned this song:

Updated version, from the 2017 Lego Batman Movie:

Which in turn reminds me of these (admittedly non-musical, but hey, My Blog My Rules No Proviso LOL Minions) sequences from the HISHE Superhero Café:

249. Marvel Superheroes, “Captain America” (1966):

Plus this snarkommentary fron the HISHE Superhero Café:

Speaking whichly …

250. Billy Van Singers and Laurie Bower Singers, “Spider-Man” (1967):

Michael Bublé’s 2001 cover:

And a different interpretation of the lyrics:

Is he strong? Listen, bud –
he’s got radioactive blood!

Wealth and fame he’s ignored –
action is his reward!

Speaking whichly …

251. Bob Crewe Generation, “Barbarella” (1968):

Warning: images NSFW.

The lyrics start out calling her “Wonder Woman” ….

Speaking whichly …

252. Charles Fox Singers, “Wonder Woman” (1976):

Same songwriter (Charles Fox) as “Barbarella”! (I bet you did not know that.) This time the “Wonder Woman” reference in the lyrics is more apposite:

253. Queen, “Flash Gordon” (1980):

Plus this classic reference:

254. Anthrax, “I Am the Law” (1987):

255. Spin Doctors, “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues” (1991):

Speaking whichly …

256. 3 Doors Down, “Kryptonite” (2000):

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