Middelboe Chronicles, Part 63: The Miracle Maker

The Middle Eastern theme continues with The Miracle Maker, a Jesus biopic told partly from the viewpoint of Jairus’s daughter. This extra-long 1999 culmination of the “Testament: The Bible in Animation” series has an especially all-star cast, including Ralph Fiennes, Richard E. Grant, Julie Christie, William Hurt, Ian Holm, Miranda Richardson, and Alfred Molina.

I wonder whether this is really a “Christian movie” as the YouTube description says. When the same team adapted, e.g., Greek or Celtic or Norse legends, as we’ve seen, were those “pagan movies”?

If you like your Jesus biopics a bit more musical, here are two versions of Jesus Christ Superstar. The 1973 version has cooler locations, but the 2000 version has the amazing Jérôme Pradon as Judas:

I couldn’t find the 1973 Godspell movie online, but here’s a clip:

(I was first introduced to Godspell by Paul Cameron Cate back in my high school days, if I’m remembering correctly.)

And here’s Godspell’s Jesus over four decades later:


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