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Middelboe Chronicles, Part 61: Abraham

Continuing the Biblical theme from yesterday, this time we have The Handmaid’s Tale: The Prequel; or, Some More Times Jehovah Was a Dick.

Or, sorry, Abraham (“Testament: The Bible in Animation,” 1996):

The story of God demanding the sacrifice of Abraham’s son Isaac, but then relenting at the last minute and substituting an animal, has a parallel in some (though not all) versions of the Greek myth of Iphigeneia. (Aeschylus tells one version, Euripides another.)

Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen have both written songs commenting on the story of Abraham and Isaac. (This Cohen performance is different from the one I posted for Leonard Cohen month.)

SciFi SongFest, Songs 163-164

Space travel is boring, and Major Tom is dead. Sorry.

163. Modest Mouse, “Space Travel Is Boring” (1996):

164. Clay People, “Calling Spaceship: Damien Grief” (1998):

The last line is from Macbeth, possibly by way of Bradbury:

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