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  1. Administrator September 2, 2008 at 12:00 am #


    T-Bag’s bird book and Michael’s father’s notes look like they’re going to replace Michael’s tattoos as the inexhaustible source of cryptic info for this season. So obviously the bird book has to get into Michael’s hands at some point. At the moment T-Bag seems like he’s hunting down Michael to get revenge, but I’m guessing they will once again end up having to team up, perhaps with T-Bag trading info from the book for some sort of immunity deal from the feds.

    Sara’s return was no surprise, since the network has been hinting loudly about it for some time. The question is whether Whistler’s death is for real. It seems like this one would be hard to fake, plus the actor appears not to be signed for further episodes, so I’m guessing he’s gone – unfortunately.

    When Gretchen escapes, as of course she will (it’s impossible to keep anyone locked up on this show – check the title) she’s going to be a bit unhappy with the Company. Does that mean Michael will have to team up with her (in addition to teaming up with his other archenemies Mahone, Bellick, and – presumably – T-Bag)?

    Why was the Company’s hitman dumb enough to kill Mahone’s family and then leave? If he’d waited he could have had Mahone too. (Incidentally, it was good to see Mahone finally doing what he does best, like his 2nd-season self, as opposed to just moping, scheming, and jonesing all the time like his 3rd-season self.)

    The scene that’s supposed to be in San Diego (where T-Bag goes to the locker) looks to me a lot more like Santa Monica. Oh well, what’s 130 miles between friends?

    In the past I’ve put my Prison Break posts under the category “Science Fiction” just to avoid multiplying categories; but in fact the show does seem to be heading in a science-fiction direction. First this magical gadget on tonight’s episode; and next, Michael’s mysterious illness seems to be linked to … well, here’s what producer Zack Estrin says: “We do learn a little bit this season why Michael Scofield is so smart. This is not sci-fi, but there is something that is unique about his childhood that leads to why he has the ability to do some of things he can do.”

    If the six cards are Scylla, what is Charybdis?

  2. Micha Ghertner September 3, 2008 at 1:34 pm #

    If the first episode is representative of the rest of the season, I am predicting massive shark jumping.

  3. Administrator September 3, 2008 at 8:26 pm #

    I actually think they should have stopped after two seasons. Two seasons made sense: one leading up to the escape and one showing the aftermath. Since then the extensions have felt kind of contrived (season 3: let’s put these guys back in a different prison for a new reason and see if they can break out again; season 4: now let’s make them break into some place ….

    But I still enjoy it.

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