Archive | September 1, 2008

Six of One

You’d better have one hell of a plan, Michael.

– from tonight’s show, but it could
really be the tagline for the whole series


Tonight was the season premiere of Prison Break. For the spoiler-averse, I’ve buried my thoughts in the comments section.

In Thickness and in Health

Charles Johnson announces today that his article Libertarianism Through Thick and Thin has just been published in The Freeman. (Actually I noticed the link posted on his other site a few days ago when I was looking for something else, but this time I refrained from scooping him – though I did link to the piece in a comment.) Charles plans to post a longer version in a few weeks.

The left-libertarian quest for world domination continues ….


As far as I can tell from the tv news the past few days, there are only two things happening anywhere in the world:

1. There’s a hurricane.

2. Some people are running for president.

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