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As noted previously (see here, here, here, and here), I’m a fan of Isabel Paterson’s novels. So I was interested to find reviews of some of them in the online archives of Time magazine.

Isabel Paterson Unfortunately, the reviews are cutesy and idiotic (and in the case of Never Ask the End, factually inaccurate), and would never have tempted me to read the novels; but here they are: reviews of Never Ask the End, If It Prove Fair Weather, and The Fourth Queen. (Plus there’s an especially stupid summary of the latter book, describing it as follows: “Galleon-scuttling, bussing and swearing in the bawdy days of Queen Bess. ” It’s not an inaccurate description, exactly, but what a tin ear!)

Time also offers a Paterson obituary.

Plus you can check out this more recent and much less annoying review of Never Ask the End, this one from Neglected Books rather than Time.

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