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2 Sexy 4 Primetime?

Tonight on Countdown the talking heads were blah-blahing endlessly about how inappropriate it was, at the press conference where Senator Vitter was apologising for patronising prostitutes, for Vitter’s wife to be wearing a “tight, sexy dress” The Vitters with a “plunging neckline” that made her look “like a prostitute herself.” And judging from a quick websearch it looks like others are expressing similar sentiments.

Huh? What on earth are they talking about? I’ve seen the clip over and over ad nauseam, and to me the dress looks perfectly ordinary, even somewhat conservative. (Here it is, on the right.) What am I missing?

Al-Qaida, Dead and Alive

I’m not competent to evaluate the analysis in this article on al-Qaida, but it’s interesting. (Conical hat tip to Christopher Morris.)

UPDATE: Sometimes the above link demands registration and sometimes it doesn’t. If it does, try one of these.

An Almost Entirely Superfluous Post

stone idol that will blast your sanity Tolkien once commented he “rather liked” Robert E. Howard’s fantasy stories; but I’m not sure when he read them or which ones he read. So I don’t know whether or not it’s a coincidence that “Gorgoroth,” the dark plain that Frodo and Sam must cross in Mordor, sounds so much like “Gol-goroth,” the dark Lovecraftian deity featured in such tales as Howard’s 1931 story “Gods of Bal-Sagoth.” Just another possibility to ponder.

There are black metal bands named after both Bal-Sagoth and Gorgoroth, but none, so far as I know, after Gol-goroth.

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