Separated At Birth?

Beck, Kellerman, Kellerman, Kellerman, Kellerman Every time I see the slimy government propagandist Glenn Beck he reminds me of the slimy government enforcer Agent Kellerman (as played by the marvelous Paul Adelstein) on Prison Break. In particular they both have the same sneering smile.

Unfortunately, while I found a good image of that sneer on Beck’s face (the big pic on the left), I couldn’t find any image online of the same sneer on Kellerman’s face – even though it’s his most frequent expression on the show. Of the four small pics on the right, the one that comes closest is the one on the upper left, but unfortunately Kellerman’s face is half in shadow. Oh well.

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  1. Dennis Shoup July 1, 2007 at 3:55 pm #

    The worst thing about Glenn Beck is that he poses as an anti-establishment crusader. If I were a Gramscian, he would be exhibit A in my case to prove the whole hegemony thing.

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