One Response to Do Robots Dream of Electric Rothbard?

  1. Tim July 18, 2007 at 3:31 am #

    Actually the new ‘Transformers’ movie might be classed as a moderately libertarian movie.

    The good guy (“Autobots”) want to defend the freedom of every intelligent species, the bad guys, of course, want intergalactic hegemony. The US government engages in all kinds of cover ups and public deceptions.

    There is even an extra-legal, blatantly lawless super-secret agency founded by Herbert Hoover that operates with blatant disregard for law or traditional rights. It’s in an hidden fortress under Hoover Dam where presumably it’s exploiting alien technology to feed power to the grid. And they’re, hiding important information from other agencies that are attempting to unravel the alien invasion.

    The mainstream government bureaucracy isn’t much better. They are , of course, unable to decipher the alien codes or even maintain it’s own network security. That is until a new recruit (an immigrant) breaks the security regulations and, without authorisation, enlists the help of a teen hacker, only to bring the weight of the national security police crashing down on them. The bad robots (‘Decepticons’) even disguise themselves as a black and white police cruiser carrying the slogan “to punish and enslave”.

    It’s not rocket science, and there is some of the now normal idolisation of the “Special” Forces, but it’s not all pro-state either.

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