Another Blast from the Past: Quasi-Anarchy in Rome

Apparently this has been online since 2011, but I don’t recall being aware of it. This is a talk I gave on virtual cantons at an ISIL conference (no, not that ISIL; rather, the one that’s now Liberty International) in Rome in 1997, back in my squishy compromising days:

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  1. Neil January 27, 2019 at 1:30 pm #

    Your work on this was a masterpiece. “Imagineering Freedom” was a very good idea. Why this didn’t catch on more baffles me. Combining a virtual canton system with the doughnut model was a stroke of genius backed up with another stroke of genius. What changed?

    Agorism was basically always there. I first read Rothbard as it being implied. The center of the doughnut is raw anarchy surrounded by statism, but anarchy has almost always been surrounded by statism. At least we can be surrounded by minarchists rather than absolute authoritarians. If electoral politics is overrated, but also not entirely abandoned and agorism is the primary means to achieve freedom, then where is there room for your constitution?

    Market anarchists are already a minority among a minority and now they’re fractured along social lines based on whatever popular culture spits out in the press. I’m struggling to see how to make progress.

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