The Revolution Comes to Las Vegas

Alliance of the Libertarian Left I’m pleased to announce a new ALL affiliate, the Southern Nevada Alliance of the Libertarian Left. (Check out Charles Johnson’s blog for a description of their tax day activism.) I’ve posted the new link on

In related news, does anyone have current info on ALL’s earlier affiliates, the Kansas City Libertarian Alliance and the Richmond Left Libertarian Alliance? Their websites seem to be dead. And are there any other ALL affiliates out there whose info should be posted on


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  1. Jeremy April 16, 2008 at 2:42 pm #

    Hey, Roderick, I can tell you why those sites are down: they no longer exist on my server. When I moved and all my sites to different hosting, I never brought them back up and nobody complained. It’s a little more difficult now, too, because my server is more secure, so it’d be harder to let Brad in.

    The Richmond LLA lost traction because I got laid off that summer. Now that I’m getting my career back on track, I’ll probably try to launch it again, but I may rename it. I’ve been thinking about something like “Advocates for a Voluntary Richmond” or something like that. I’d like to appeal to a broader array of activists, and then do something more radical with that base, rather than start off as radical.

    I’ll keep you posted. BTW, it’s good to see Charles doing something with that domain – how long has he been sitting on that? Initially I wanted my aggregator to use that domain, but alas – he never responded to my inquiry. My dreams were crushed.

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