Talking Turkey

I see that Hürriyet, Turkey’s main – sometimes I think only! – national newspaper (the name means “liberty,” or equally “republic”), has an article on Ron Paul. (Conical hat tip to LRC, which reports that the coverage is largely favourable.)

What little Turkish I once knew (from back in the 1990s when I was dating a Turkish woman) has pretty much expired, but I think the headline means something like “Behold, dollars rule! – The World Wide Web is vomiting forth American dollars on behalf of surprise U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul ….” (I would not recommend too much confidence in this translation, however.)

Well, I imagine that the prospect of an American President who isn’t constantly forcing Turkey to choose between maintaining good relations with its neighbours (both European and Middle Eastern) and maintaining good relations with the U.S. might be something of a relief.


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