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  1. Matt Robare September 28, 2011 at 1:51 pm #

    There are some interesting libertarian lessons to be learned from Doctor Who, I think. Steven Moffat has talked about how The Doctor is an interventionist and how he doesn’t accept that non-interference (one of the fundamental principles of Time Lord policy and society) can be preferable to intervention, even though he’s criticized the Time Lords as being totally corrupt and every time they do intervene either the Earth or the Universe is threatened with destruction.

    Perhaps the most obvious example of this was when the Time Lords sent the Fourth Doctor and his companions to Skaro to prevent the Daleks from being created. Not only does he fail, but we find out that if not for the Doctor’s arrival on Skaro the Daleks would not have known of the existence of life elsewhere in the Universe. So the Doctor’s interventionism is responsible for the Daleks threatening the Universe.

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