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Three from Vienna

My colleague Kelly Jolley’s anthology Wittgenstein: Key Concepts has just been published. I have a couple of pieces in it. Here’s the table of contents:

Wittgenstein: Key Concepts

Introduction: Kelly Dean Jolley [my AU colleague]
1. Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Remarks: Kelly Dean Jolley
2. Wittgenstein on Meaning and Meaning-Blindness: Craig Fox
3. Language Games and Private Language: Lars Hertzberg
4. Wittgenstein on Family Resemblance: Craig Fox
5. Ordinary/Everyday Language: Rupert Read
6. Wittgenstein on Rule-Following: Roderick T. Long
7. Thinking and Understanding: Phil Hutchinson
8. Psychologism and Philosophical Investigations: Kelly Dean Jolley
9. Moore’s Paradox Revisited: Avrum Stroll
10. Aspect Perception: Avner Baz
11. Knowing That the Standard Meter is One Meter Long: Heather Gert
[I went to high school with her (and enslaved her brother, but that’s another story)]
12. Therapy: Rupert Read
13. Criteria: Eric Loomis
[an APS colleague]
14. Grammatical Investigations: Roderick T. Long and Kelly Dean Jolley
15. Teaching and Learning: Arata Hamawaki
[another AU colleague]
16. Expression and Avowal: David Finkelstein

In related news, AU’s 3rd annual philosophy conference (3-5 March 2010) will also be devoted to Wiggy.

Finally, here’s one of Wiggy’s central insights set to music:

One Libertarian Seminar Ends, Another Begins

I’m back from Bryn Mawr. It was a great conference; but no rest for me: Mises U. begins tonight!

The shuttle from Atlanta was fuller than usual last night; and given that the passengers were all talking about praxeology, nullification, and central banking, I suspect I know what they’re in town for.

Odd Contract on the Side

This looks like it might be fun. Helen Mirren’s character seems like she could be River Song’s mom.

And check out the second trailer here.

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