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The Doctor Dances at the End of Time

Michael Moorcock – the British anarchist science fiction writer who gave us inter alia Elric of Melniboné, Jerry Cornelius, and Colonel Pyat – has just written a Doctor Who novel.

The Coming of the Terraphiles

From the press release’s references to “Captain Cornelius,” “Miggea” and the “Arrow of Law,” it seems clear that Moorcock intends to incorporate aspects of the “multiverse” mythology that runs through virtually all his novels; so this really is a multiverse/whoniverse crossover.

Another point of connection: “Miggea,” a planet in the new novel, is elsewhere in Moorcock’s writings a Goddess of Law dedicated to imposing a rigid, sterile vision of order – and intended in part as a parody of Margaret Thatcher. As it happens, there’s also a Doctor Who villain – Helen A of “The Happiness Patrol” – who is said to be a Thatcher parody.

How the new book’s space travel theme is to be reconciled with Moorcock’s recent remark that “the moment a spaceship turns up, you’ve lost me” is just one of the many mysteries of time and space that bedevil those who dare to steer their TARDISes along the Moonbeam Roads.

All Shall Have Prizes

pile of skulls

This would take some research, but I think someone needs to set up a (regularly updated, alas) Memorial to the Victims of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, listing all the deaths that can be laid at the doors of the recipients on this list.

The memorial would commemorate the victims of Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Henry Kissinger, Menachem Begin, Yasser Arafat, Mikhail Gorbachëv, Barack Obama, the U.N. “Peacekeeping” Forces, and no doubt others.

Starry Night

I just watched the pre-titles teaser of the Doctor Who season finale. The final moment of it was … well, no spoilers here. It was good.

Now I have to go give an exam before I can watch the rest of it. Argh!

the crack in spacetime

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