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Olbermann just described the NRA’s “Eddie Eagle” program as “Joe Camel with feathers” (meaning, I guess, that it’s pro-gun propaganda aimed at children).

I’m no fan of the NRA, which is actually a (“moderately”) pro-gun-control organisation and a Republican PAC, but this particular charge is a bum rap. As a former NRA member I’m quite familiar with the Eddie Eagle program, and there’s no pro-gun propaganda in it. The program consists pretty much entirely in conveying to kids the lesson “If you see a gun, STOP! a) don’t touch; b) leave the area; c) tell an adult.” That’s it.

Which part of that is Olbermann against?

Selective Responsibility?

Just saw Jack Conway (Rand Paul’s opponent) on Olbermann, explaining that he can woo conservative-leaning voters away from Paul because “I’m fiscally responsible in certain areas.” So which are those other areas where he’s fiscally irresponsible?

Apparently foot-in-mouth disease is rife on both sides of the aisle in the Kentucky senatorial race.

Maddow Bashes Anarchism

Just saw Rachel Maddow explaining that Republicans have a secret hankering for anarchism (if only!), and that the spurious appeal of statelessness can be refuted by considering the nightmarish conditions in Mogadishu, capital of stateless Somalia (interesting that she just happens to pick the area of Somalia with the highest government presence).

The truth, of course, is that in Somalia as a whole, security and prosperity have improved, not deteriorated, as a result of state collapse.

I just sent her (no doubt pointlessly) the links to Benjamin Powell et al.’s article “Somalia After State Collapse: Chaos or Improvement?” ( and Peter Leeson’s “Better Off Stateless: Somalia Before and After Government Collapse” (

If anyone wants to join me in this probably futile gesture, her address is

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