Roosevelt’s Ghost

FDR through a broken windowMy grandmother always referred to FDR as “that man who killed all the little pigs.” (If you don’t know what she was referring to, click here.) Now there was a man who got warm fuzzies from seeing windows broken.

And now of course he’s back.

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  1. Anthony August 13, 2009 at 2:15 am #

    Hi Roderick,

    I thought you might find this article on the New Deal of interest:

    I find it interesting that the author of ‘FDR’s massive spending and central planning worsened the 1929 Great Depression. Obama’s would do the same now’ laments the prospect of ‘new taxes on the “top 5% of income earners” to give additional rebates to lower income earners’ yet provides no mention of the trillions taken from all taxpayers to be given to financial institutions and those that run them (which is both more economically and socially devastating).

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