Archive | August 13, 2009

All Of This Has Happened Before …

We might see a big-screen Galactica – one set in the continuity of the original rather than the reimagined series. Details here.

Cylon old and new

There’s supposed to be more details here but the site seems to be down at the moment.

Turf Wars

astroturf or real grass?On this whole debate as to whether the townhall protests represent genuine grassroots activism or mere “astroturf” coordinated from above, Julian Sanchez has an eminently sensible comment (CHT Jesse Walker):

Any “astroturf” campaign on the modern media landscape is going to require actually ginning up some broad-based activism if it’s going to be effective. And any genuinely spontaneous, bottom-up action that seems even moderately interesting and resonant with national issues is going to find a whole lot of political professionals eager to promote, guide, replicate, or co-opt it.

Similar remarks apply, of course, to the tea parties.

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