Archive | August 4, 2009

Tarzan In Toronto

Readers of the Tarzan novels may recall that Tarzan had a scar on his forehead (from a youthful fight with Terkoz the ape), as well as a tendency to get bonked on the head and suffer temporary amnesia.

What I learned only recently is that these aspects of Tarzan’s story appear to be based on the author’s own experience.

Interim Update

To those following (or, in some cases, literally invested in) my ongoing financial saga: I met with the lawyer today, and he gave me a phonebook-sized (well, Auburn-phonebook-sized, not Manhattan-phonebook-sized) stack of financial info forms to fill out, plus he needs copies of my old tax returns etc., so that’s my homework for tonight.

In other news, I’ve paid my rent for the month – thanks to the generosity of my readers. More developments as they unfold ….

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