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Click here for some Golden Compass news, and here to see the first five minutes. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the movie this weekend! My initial reactions to the clip:

Asriel and Lyra 1. I’m not crazy about the opening narration – it reminds me a bit too much of Dune. I’d rather see this information conveyed indirectly (the way they manage to let us know, later in the clip, about Lyra’s orphan status and the taboo on touching another person’s dæmon) – especially since the narration doesn’t really explain the things it mentions anyway. (Is the audience really going to know, e.g., what the heck “dust” is from that opening?)

2. I like the way Lyra is presented; as I’ve mentioned before, I’d been afraid she’d be softened and made too sweet, but she seems to have kept her edge – though her just-kidding smile toward the end of the clip worrisomely undermines her earlier toughness. We’ll see.

3. The character I do worry that they’re going to over-sweeten is Asriel. Just because he’s the adversary of the villain doesn’t mean he’s a good guy, exactly; I don’t think he should look as avuncular as he does in the clip. We all know from Casino Royale that Daniel Craig can do chilly and ruthless; let him do it!

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