Archive | December 12, 2007

Second Rock from the Sun

Princess Duare, supposedly So I discover (via surfing accident) that a movie adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Pirates of Venus is in the works (perhaps as an attempt to cash in on the recent cinematic success of things piratical). Why didn’t I know about this? (And why didn’t Wally Conger know about it?)

The Venus books were my first introduction to Burroughs – before Barsoom, before Pellucidar, before Tarzan; so I’d really like this to be good. This looks to be a much lower-budget project than the projected John Carter of Mars movie, the synopsis doesn’t sound very faithful to the books, and I can’t say the concept art especially grabs me (Frazetta’s boots are a job to fill – and sorry, but the shrieking teenager in this pic just isn’t the imperious Princess Duare); but we’ll see.

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