Galactic Art

Frank Frazetta did some art for the original 1970s Battlestar: Galactica. Now I’m a Frazetta fan, but these paintings really weren’t his best work. This one is presumably supposed to be Athena, Apollo, and Starbuck facing in the wrong direction as Cylon raiders attack. The ships and weapons don’t look quite right. I don’t know why the Galactica has a traffic signal stuck to its underside.

Galactica art by Frazetta and McQuarrie This one shows some female crew members (it illustrates an early episode when all the male crew were sick) running for their Vipers as Cylon raiders again attack. If that’s supposed to be Athena, she’s still facing the wrong way. And the second woman from the right is clearly about to fall on her face.

Allegedly this pic was also supposed to be Galactica-related, but it beats me how.

Star Wars artist Ralph McQuarrie also did some early Galactica art: see here, here, here, here, here, and here. Too bad the show never looked as good as his paintings. I remember seeing some of these pics in an old Starlog.

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