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Krakow While on my Kraków trip (about which I still promise to blog!) I was interviewed for the Polish libertarian site by J?drzej Kuskowski (who said I was the first libertarian other than himself that he’d ever met in the flesh! – apparently Polish libertarians interact mainly by email). Our discussion focused primarily on left-libertarianism.

The interview is now online; here’s the Polish version. If your Polish is a little rusty, here’s the English version.

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  1. Daniel J. D'Amico September 7, 2007 at 12:30 am #

    Roderick have you seen that pic?

  2. David M. Hart September 7, 2007 at 6:43 pm #


    How are you? I enjoyed very much your Polish interview about left libertarinism. Consider me one of you. I’ve been that way since 1973 or thereabouts – I just hate mindless authority whether it is statist or private. The former has most of the guns, and so is too be feared. The latter can be much more personal and thus closer and more dangerous in a way. This makes me the only person at Liberty Fund who thinks there should be a “staff association” to defend our common interests. Bolshy stuff of course here in the heartland. I’ve been publicly accused of “thinking like a trade unionist” for thinking that you should be paid for what you are contracted to do and that other duties which might be added later should be recompensed accordinlgy. The irony of course is that I was forced to join a union in Australia in order to get tenure, which I did but hated passionately ever after.

    The OLL has been completely redesigned and relaunched in July and now has a great new search engine. Tell me what you think of it.




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