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Nyaya Ayn

Ayn Rand at 100 [cross-posted at Liberty & Power]

My article “Ayn Rand and Indian Philosophy” appeared last year in the anthology Ayn Rand at 100 published by the Liberty Institute in Delhi, India. Unfortunately, the version of my article that was printed was filled with editorial errors – changes that affected my meaning, misattributions of quotations, and so forth. So I’ve put a corrected version online.

(For some thoughtful and judicious commentary on my article from a young Indian Randian with the unassuming name of Ergo, see here. I expect an even more incisive analysis after he actually reads it.)

Anthologies Abound

[cross-posted at Liberty & Power]

Mickey Mouse consulting a large book Can’t remember if I announced this before, but information about the anarchy/minarchy anthology I co-edited with Tibor Machan is available here. As you’ll see, the book is coming out in February, is pricier than I’d like, and contains contributions from many familiar comrades, including Aeon Skoble, Charles Johnson, John Hasnas, Lester Hunt, Jan Narveson, and your humble correspondent.

Just be thankful it’s not as pricey as this book that Fred Miller and Carrie-Ann Biondi edited on the history of philosophy of law, which has two articles by me, one on the Socratics and one on the Hellenistics.

Unto Him Who Hath

Just yesterday I posted an interview in which I said:

You have things like taxes and regulations and licensing fees and zoning regulations and various things that make it easy – the richer you are, the easier it is for you to start up a business because you can afford the lawyers to pay and the fees to jump through all these hoops and so forth. I mean, for example, there are a lot of places where a license to operate a taxi cab costs $100,000, which the average poor person doesn’t have lying around. I mean, a taxi service would be an excellent service for someone to start out with if they don’t have a lot of money because it doesn’t require a lot of capital up front. All you need is a car and a cell phone to start off with if you want a small taxi company – things like that.

Now today’s LRC brings yet another example of how government uses taxi regulations to shaft the poor and benefit the rich.

The government’s meter is always running ….

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