Archive | June 12, 2013

Bilbo and the Butterflies

This is such a lovely moment, and one so likely to be cut from a movie version (since it doesn’t advance the plot, as they say), that it’s a great delight to see it in both the Rankin-Bass and Peter Jackson versions of The Hobbit:

(Click for enhanced magnitude.)

Cordial and Sanguine, Part 58: The Burdens of Judgment

[cross-posted at BHL]

Pew polls reveal that switching from a Republican to a Democratic president causes Republican enthusiasm for NSA surveillance programs to fall by 23 percentage points – and likewise causes Democratic enthusiasm for NSA surveillance programs to rise by 27 percentage points.

My Rawlsian comrades sometimes accuse me of being too quick to see statist opinions as culpable rather than as being the result of reasonable pluralism. I think these results show that we shouldn’t be too quick to exaggerate the extent of the realm of political innocence.

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