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10 + 11

The BBC claims that this clip is a thank-you gift for fans who were mistakenly sent the Doctor Who season finale and didn’t reveal any spoilers.

I rather suspect that this clip was already filmed and scheduled to be released pretty soon anyway. In any case, most of the season finale’s plot twists have been circulating as rumors for a while – albeit intermixed with other stuff that turned out not to be true.

But, whatever. Enjoy the clip:



Congratulations to Kim Stanley Robinson, whose novel 2312 – which is set in a libertarian-socialist future of Mondragon cooperatives that is sort-of connected to his Mars books – has just won the Nebula award.

Words Mean Stuff

The media keep saying that Ariel Castro held three women “hostage.” If only that were true; then their captivity wouldn’t have been a secret for the past decade.

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