Greenlit; or, Lords of the Ring


I missed the Green Lantern movie when it was in theatres, but now I’ve finally seen it. Maybe my expectations were low because I’d seen almost exclusively negative reviews, but I thought it wasn’t bad. Sinestro in particular was terrific; I could happily watch a whole movie devoted to him.

The Tomar-Re character mentioned in passing that one sector has 80,012 galaxies in it. That’s a bit shy of my estimate, but still highlights the absurdity of the idea.

One thing that bugged me was the post-credits (well, actually mid-credits) sequence, which I thought lacked sufficient preparation. What it showed was certainly a scene that fans are eager to see – but the fans want to see that scene as the culmination of a gradual buildup, not suddenly sprung on us without explanation out of the blue (or green; or yellow). If there’s a sequel, I hope it begins before rather than after that scene.

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