Archive | February 27, 2012

I Yam Confused

So if someone says everyone should go to college, that’s snobbish.

So if someone said some people shouldn’t go to college, what would that be?

Blue Octavo Wavelength

I’ve got two conferences coming up, and I don’t [have/get] to leave town for either of them.

Kafka's Castle?

First up (2-3 March) is the Auburn Philosophy Department’s annual conference; the topic is the philosophy of colour, and the speakers are some of the top names in the field. (I went to high school with one of them; he played my slave in Plautus’s Bacchides.) Poster here, other info here. The schedule hasn’t been posted yet, but sessions run 9-5 on Friday and 10-5 on Saturday, at the Auburn art museum.

Next (8-10 March) is the Austrian Scholars Conference; schedule here. I’ll be speaking on “Austro-Libertarian Themes in Three Prague Authors: Čapek, Kafka, and Hašek.” Czech your calendars!

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