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Way Long Gone, Part 2

PorcFest 2011

Greetings from Lancaster NH, where I have wifi internet access but no cellphone signal. PorcFest is great fun so far – it’s like Woodstock for rational people. Seeing lots of old friends. Beautiful countryside also; nice to be in this neck of the woods again. There’s a C4SS/ALL table where the literature looks vaguely familiar. I’ve given a couple of talks already and have more coming up.

Free Talk Live, a Keene-based libertarian radio show, is broadcasting from PorcFest all week. They interviewed me last night; you can listen here. My bit starts around 23:24.

Way Long Gone

Tomorrow I’m off to Lancaster NH for PorcFest. Then the week after that I have an IHS gig at Towson University in Baltimore. Später, gator.

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