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No Sex Please, We’re British; No Lemonade Jokes Please, We’re American

Gwen and Jack

Well, this is annoying:

When Torchwood returns to television next month, there’ll be two different versions of every episode. Some scenes will only be in the US version, while other scenes will only be in the UK version. … Off the top of my head, there’s one somewhat racy sex scene in the third episode that I could easily see being trimmed for UK broadcast television. And presumably some of the British in-jokes that no American will get (like the one about lemonade being “fizzy”) might find themselves on the cutting-room floor in the US. … It sounds like, overall, the British versions will be the longer cuts because of the refrence to “episode timings.”

So I guess nobody gets to see the fourth season in full until the dvd comes out.

Them Poor Old Slaveholding Founders Need All the Help They Can Get

Walter Williams writes:

Here’s my hypothesis about people who use slavery to trash the Founders: They have contempt for our constitutional guarantees of liberty. Slavery is merely a convenient moral posturing tool as they try to reduce respect for our Constitution.

Well, I don’t regard slavery as “merely a convenient moral posturing tool,” but yes, I do have contempt for the Constitution’s so-called guarantees of liberty, and I am certainly out to try to reduce respect for that statist and statism-enabling document. So yes, he’s essentially right about people like me.

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