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Unweaving the Rainbow

My discovery of the day: if you take pomegranate-mango juice and mix it with grapefruit soda, the result tastes like strawberries!


Oops! I got it wrong. It’s pomegranate-kiwi juice mixed with grapefruit soda:

Izze grapefruit soda & Pom pomegranate-kiwi juice

Wonder Woman, Maybe

I’ve heard nothing good about this series, and the costume material looks awful, but at least she looks like she might be an angry warrior. Lynda Carter’s version was always too sweet. We’ll see.

Jim Crow Returns to Alabama

This past Thursday the Alabama legislature put on their white hoods and enacted the harshest anti-immigrant regime in the country, one even more tyrannical than Arizona’s ethnic-cleansing laws.

boys in the hoods

As in Arizona, the new edict “allows police to arrest anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant if the person is stopped for some other reason”; but it also “requir[es] schools to find out if students are in the country lawfully,” “requires all businesses to check the legal status of workers using a federal system called E-Verify,” “makes it a crime for landlords to knowingly rent to an illegal immigrant,” and in a flourish of pure petty malice, “mak[es] it a crime to knowingly give an illegal immigrant a ride.”

The old Jim Crow laws enforced discrimination based on the colour of a person’s skin; the new Jim Crow laws enforce discrimination on the basis of a person’s birth on the wrong side of an imaginary line. Though of course racist motivations are not exactly absent.

To make sure that racism and misogyny continue to march hand in hand, the legislature also passed an abortion ban on the same day. Well heck, if the state can treat immigrants as second-class persons, why can’t it do the same to women, and force them to use their bodies as incubators for unwanted fetuses?

If only we could get some Republicans in power! They’re for smaller government, you know.

Dead and Alive, Part 2

Here are all six of the Torchwood season 4 character promos combined together.

It continues to look promising – though as I noted previously: “John Barrowman may not be the greatest actor of all time, but he’s usually a hell of a lot better than this.”

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