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Three to Toonsday

Three Who-related animation-related stories:

1. The missing episodes of the 1964 Doctor Who serial “Reign of Terror” will be replaced by animation when the story is released on dvd next year (as was done previously for the 1968 Cybermen serial Invasion). Below is a pic. Read more.

Reign of Terror

2. An online animated Torchwood series (well, a motion comic) is being released in conjunction with season 4. Eliza Dushku will star. Read more.

3. Check out this fanmade Third-Doctor-meets-anime short:

Anarchy in DC

The Molinari Society will be holding its eighth annual Symposium (or seventh or ninth, depending on how one counts; let’s just say our Year 8 Symposium) in conjunction with the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association in Mordor, I mean Washington DC, December 27-30, 2011. Here’s the latest schedule info:

Open City café in Woodley Park

Molinari Society symposium:
“Explorations in Philosophical Anarchy”
Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, 2660 Woodley Road NW
Day & room TBA

chair: Elizabeth Brake (Arizona State University)

Kevin Vallier (Brown University / Bowling Green State University),
     “The Eligibility of a Polycentric Constitution”
Eli Dourado (George Mason University),
     “Anarchy and Equilibrium: When Is Statelessness Stable?”

Nina Brewer-Davis (Auburn University)
Roderick T. Long (Auburn University)
Jon Mahoney (Kansas State University)
Charles Johnson (Molinari Institute)

We’ve requested a three-hour session to leave time for all the commentators.

In related news, we’ll be announcing the call for papers for our 2012 Pacific APA session shortly.

He Chose … Poorly



No, this pic isn’t the spoiler. The spoiler is some speculation of mine about the upcoming Doctor Who episode “A Good Man Goes To War,” based on two bits of spoilage, one official and one not. So I’ve relegated it once again to the comments section. Proceed at your own risk.

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