Archive | June 6, 2011

Why Neither “Libertarian” Nor “Left” Values Can Be Achieved By Working Within the Political Establishment

Anna Morgenstern writes:

Let’s first examine the favorite whipping boy of many people, “libertarianism.” The problem, as some of the more clever leftoids have argued, is that the ruling class will look through this laundry list and throw their weight behind the parts of it that strengthen their position, and discard the rest, thus making libertarianism into a less aggressively socially conservative form of conservatism.

“Lower taxes?”
Sure, let’s lower taxes for the rich.

“Less regulation?”
Well, let’s remove the regulations that counteract corporate power, but not the other ones (see: Enron).

“Legalize drugs?”
No friggin’ way, chief.

But what’s not clearly understood is that this is also true for “liberalism” and so-called “social democracy” or “democratic socialism” or what have you. Modern American “liberalism” is simply Mass Corporatism on steroids.

(Read the celý piroh.)

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