Archive | October 22, 2010

Blaze the Oregon Trail

Want to help send Charles Johnson under the banner of the Molinari Institute to preach Hayekian feminism to Marxian philosophers in the wilds of Oregon? Well, of course you do; it’s what you’ve been dreaming of all your life. Now you can.

Oregon Trail

Elementary, My Dear Bilbo

Martin Freeman

Very good news! After announcing only the other day that he was turning down the role of Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson’s upcoming Hobbit movie in order to return as Dr. Watson in Steven Moffat’s marvelous Sherlock series, Martin Freeman has apparently been cast as Bilbo after all – which strikes me as absolutely perfect casting. (Remember him also as Arthur Dent, like Bilbo a bewildered everyman thrown into cosmic adventure, in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.) This means he’ll be doing both Bilbo and Watson, I hope?

Addendum: Yup, he’s confirmed as doing both. And if you haven’t seen Sherlock, the first episode is playing on PBS’s Mystery! this weekend.

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