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Rothbard on Dukakis

In addition to what you can find at Liberty magazine’s official site, there’s a trove of back issues of Liberty on (CHT Jesse Walker, who has a good labortarian piece on pp. 53-57 here.)

Dukakis tank porn

It’s been pointed out that “G. Duncan Williams,” the pseudonymous author of a sort-of-pro-Dukakis piece about the Bush-Dukakis presidential race on pp. 12-14 of the November 1988 Liberty, was actually Murray N. Rothbard, not yet in full paleo mode. (In addition to Rothbard’s distinctive style, having the same number of letters per name could be a clue.)

Ah, memories. I also wrote a sort-of-pro-Dukakis piece that year; it was my declaration of independence from the Republican Party. (Rothbard’s farewell to the GOP had obviously come much earlier.)

Stateless U.

Center for a Stateless Society

There’s been a lot happening with the Center for a Stateless Society these days, and more is coming. For a preview of some of our academic plans, see here. (And, of course, please help if you can.)

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