Archive | June 6, 2010

Rand Paul Petition

If you’re interested in signing a petition asking Rand Paul to support Red & Black Café’s right to bar cops from their premises, click here.

(I don’t know how thrilled the Café would be with Paul’s support – but I doubt they’re at much risk of getting it ….)

China Syndrome


Larry Arnhart has a blog post about my article (original draft here, revised but shorter version here) on libertarian themes in Confucian thought.

A caveat: as you’ll see, Larry seems more sympathetic to the Burkean side of Confucianism than I am; on the issue of tradition I think the Confucians take a genuine piece of the truth and blow it up to be much more of the truth than it is, at the expense of the recognition that a great deal of tradition is oppressive and needs to be combated. As I say in the original article, “the Confucians can all too often be preachy, hidebound, starchy apologists for an authoritarian status quo”; so I get a little worried when Larry takes the moral of my article to be the need to respect the “communitarian authority of social traditions.”

Q&A on Immigration and Welfare

I quote (with the authors’ permission) a great pair of comments on immigration policy from the LeftLibertarian2 list:

border crossing

Joshua Katz: If you think you can shoot people crossing an imaginary line because they might ask for welfare, why not deport people who already are on welfare? What the hell is the difference?

Scott Bieser: What it comes down to, to put it crudely, is that most Americans can imagine they themselves might someday wake up and find themselves financially destitute and in need of government welfare; but none of them can conceive of someday waking up and finding they have become Mexicans.

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