Archive | June, 2010

Bus Free Stateless

Quick postscript on Molinari/C4SS doings: we’ve also signed a promotion deal with the Motorhome Diarists’ Liberty on Tour project; details here.

Merchant’s Lunch

The proper libertarian attitude toward the Civil Rights Act, lunchcounter sit-ins, and Rand Paul’s comments thereon – a topic debated in these pages a month ago – is the subject of this month’s Cato Unbound. Up so far are posts by David Bernstein (defending anti-discrimination laws in certain contexts, while at the same time defending libertarian opponents of such laws against the charge of racism) and Sheldon Richman (opposing anti-discrimination laws while defending direct action against discriminatory establishments). Responses by Jason Kuznicki and Jeffrey Miron are forthcoming.

These exchanges should be mandatory reading (using “mandatory” metaphorically, of course) for both Rand Paul and Rachel Maddow.

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