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Is Our Children Learning?

Minnesota Rep Michele Bachmann is concerned that Obama is going to inflict on us “re-education camps … where young people have to go and get trained in a philosophy that the government puts forward.”

Um … I thought we’d already had that. For a while.

Roosevelt’s Ghost

FDR through a broken windowMy grandmother always referred to FDR as “that man who killed all the little pigs.” (If you don’t know what she was referring to, click here.) Now there was a man who got warm fuzzies from seeing windows broken.

And now of course he’s back.

It Ain’t No Use In Calling Out My Name, Babe

A year ago this blog was hosted on Yahoo, and I was having major problems with hackers inserting hidden spam ads and messing up my code. Yahoo customer service was massively unresponsive to my complaints – until Brandon helpfully switched my data to his server and I was happily quit of Yahoo.

Now today I get an email from Yahoo informing me:

We will soon upgrade your WordPress blog. …

We have become aware of security vulnerabilities in WordPress version 2.0.2. To prevent hackers from exploiting these vulnerabilities and potentially damaging your blog or web site, we will soon upgrade all Yahoo! Small Business WordPress blogs running version 2.0.2 to the more secure version 2.8. …

We regret that we are unable to provide the precise day and time at which your blog will be upgraded, so we encourage you to review your blog regularly during the upgrade process, from August 31 to September 14.

Gee, thanks, guys. You’ve finally acknowledged the existence of the problem. Talk about too little, too late.

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