Archive | June 3, 2009


Anarchism/Minarchism e-bookI see that there’s an e-book available of our Anarchism/Minarchism anthology. It has a different cover (somewhat reminiscent of the hyperspace sequence in 2001) and everything.

But it costs exactly as much as the print edition. What’s up with that?

And, um, why does the blurb describe it as a book on Neoplatonic philosophy of mind?


Ken MacLeod’s left-libertarian “Fall Revolution” cycle, whose praises I’ve previously sung, is now back in print in two volumes: Fractions (comprising The Star Fraction and The Stone Canal) and Divisions (comprising The Cassini Division and The Sky Road).

Ken MacLeod's Fall Revolution

If you like anarchism, Scottish pubs, intelligent computer programs, political subversion, high-tech immortality, libertarian in-jokes, government conspiracies, anti-government conspiracies, stuff blowing up, and endless debates among different flavours of political radicals – and of course you do – then check it out.

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