Archive | June 13, 2009

You Gotta Have Arts

According to this news story, one of the chief complaints about the Iranian election has been “not enough ballets.” I guess their voters take culture very seriously.

The Empire Is Smashed

Holy shit! I see the error that’s been deleting or truncating comments in the talkbacks here has been doing to the same thing to my regular posts – all the way back to the beginning. This is looking to be a major disaster.

UPDATE: The farther I look, the worse it gets. It looks like the majority of my posts over the past four years have been destroyed, perhaps irretrievably.

2ND UPDATE: The Empire is currently undergoing reconstruction and, apart from a few comments being lost and apparently others having their order rearranged, looks like it’s well on its way to a 99% recovery. Thanks, Brandon!

Plato at the Earth’s Core

WarlordI’ve been a big fan of Mike Grell’s Warlord since I was eleven. But I do have a gripe about a line in the latest issue (new series #3): “Plato had it wrong. Atlantis was no utopian society.”

Plato never portrayed Atlantis as a utopian society. In the Timæus and Critias – the only two places where he mentions Atlantis – Plato describes Atlantis as a wicked, arrogant, imperialistic society that fought a war against the utopian society of the Republic, here transposed to an antediluvian prototype of Athens.

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