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Gun Rights Versus Secession!

The Mohawks want to ban guns in their territory. Canadian border agents want to carry them. Details here.

A simple solution: the Mohawks should secede from Canada and the U.S. Next, any gun-friendly Mohawks should then secede from the seceders. There, all solved.

Well, I didn’t say the implementation would be simple ….

Free Minds! Free Markets! Free Parking!

Although this article on the Free State Project is partly (albeit not entirely) hostile, it still seems like fairly good publicity.

I thought it was amusing that the Globe considers it “bizarre” to protest intrusive government by publicly performing manicures without a license – but doesn’t seem to find it bizarre that there is such a legal offense as performing manicures without a license.

Warning: Proximity to War Criminal Inhibits Thought

radioactive ObamaI’m nervous, excited, honored. It’s like in Shakespearean times, when the king would come to the show. – actor in the play our President Incarnate attended in New York

I couldn’t think for the first 10 minutes of the show because the president was sitting right [next] to me. – audience member at same play

(From this news story; CHT Stephan.)

In the meantime, prisoners are being denied trial, evidence of torture is being suppressed, the economy is being Mussolinised, and Middle Eastern children are being blown to bits under the reign of this affable theatre-goer. Plus, woe betide any ordinary New Yorkers who just wanted to go about their business in the vicinity that day, as cops closed off the street for blocks around the Presidential Theophany.

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