Archive | October 5, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Palin Linked to Unrepentant Terrorist; or, Johnny’s In the Basement Mixing Up the Medicine


Palin & McCainIn the wake of Sarah Palin’s taking Barack Obama to task for his ties to 1960s Weather Underground member and unrepentant bomber William Ayers, our investigators have uncovered evidence linking Palin herself to controversial political figure John McCain. McCain is a former member of a shadowy organisation called the “Navy of the United State” which during the 1960s planned and conducted bombing campaigns in Southeast Asia on what early reports indicate may have been an even larger scale than the Weather Underground’s; according to some of our sources, McCain himself appears to have carried out some of these bombings personally prior to his arrest in 1967. Far from expressing repentance, McCain has indicated his willingness to engage in further terrorist acts if given the opportunity, ghoulishly chanting “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.” In light of these emerging revelations, observers are speculating as to whether Palin will now distance herself from McCain.

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