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My Name Ith Lythander Thpooner And I’m From Athol, Mathachuthetth

Lysander SpoonerTomorrow morning I’m off to Boston for a Liberty Fund conference on Lysander Spooner, organised by Randy Barnett. We’re reading extensive selections from Spooner’s The Unconstitutionality of Slavery, The Unconstitutionality of the Laws Prohibiting Private Mails, No Treason, Natural Law, and Letter to Grover Cleveland. Among the secondary sources included in the readings packet I was pleased to see both my own Spooner article and the reply from Randy to J. H. Huebert that I originally solicited for the JLS.

In other news, when McCain first chose Palin as his running mate, I described the pick as “fiendishly brilliant.”

I take it back.

Surveiller et Punir

I just learned something I hadn’t previously known about my old freshman dorm:

CanadayCanaday’s architecture can be traced back to its period of construction, which immediately followed the student takeover of University Hall in 1969. Fearing further student unrest, College administrators had the various portions of Canaday fireproofed and separated from each other to foil student organizing. Unlike other Harvard freshman dormitories … students must go outside to access any portion of the building other than their own.

I knew its design was weird, but I never knew why.

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